Chapter Twelve: Runaway Other Half

4 May 2008 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Insights | 2 Comments
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For the past week, I’ve been coming across stories of soon-to-marry’s running away from their partners and fleeing before their wedding, many of which could leave a doubt or two about saying “I do”:

In an online community I joined for soon-to-be-weds, not one but TWO brides consecutively had their weddings called off by their not-so-better halves.  The first’s ex-fiance was bitten by the green-eyed monster and turned his back on her at her most trying time.  To plunge the knife even deeper into her already bleeding heart, he sent her his credit card bill – demanding her and her family to pay him for the stuff they had bought together.  The second’s ex-groom got frozen feet brought about by the hoots and jeers of his cold-hearted friends.  His icy toes cracked and left him with nothing to stand on – not for his love for a woman, and not for his dignity as a man with his own mind.

Late last night, the local Kapuso network aired the heart-breaking story of the infamous runaway groom from Cebu.  I had read about it months ago in the newspaper, which told of the groom about to say his vows when another woman appeared and shouted at the priest to stop the wedding.  He left the church with the other woman, leaving his bride at the altar and the guests in shock.

But according to the TV interview with the said groom, he had seen his bride-to-be with another man days before their wedding, and this was what made him decide not to push through with their wedding.  In a blog by a girl who claimed to be a friend of this infamous groom, the groom said that he and the other woman were really supposedly just friends.  It was only during the wedding day, when she had appeared at the church in tears and hysterics, did he realize that she had developed feelings for him so he went after her.

With all these tragic tales of men not manning up to the women they wooed and promised to commit to, it’s easy to be swayed into a moment of doubt and wonder if my own man won’t flee like a bee from his honey.  But this is hardly fair because even the fairer sex is not without its own dramatic deeds.

Three years ago, an American woman made like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, fleeing five days prior to her carefully-planned grand wedding with 600 guests.  She fabricated a tale of kidnapping and sexual assault, sparking a nationwide search and intensive media coverage.  This real-life runaway bride’s story ended with her ex-fiance cancelling the wedding completely and later marrying another woman in a quiet ceremony in his parents’ home.

Months ago, my fiance and I almost called it quits ourselves.  One fateful day, we had gotten into a minor disagreement about wedding details that escalated up to a point where our four years together seemed to have become inconsequential.   The fight lasted only two earth days, but it seemed like an eternity in hell to me.

I was a confused could-have-been runaway bridezilla.  But my fiance was a grounded man who was true to his word.  For him, the ring was not simply a bling-bling that crowned our four-year relationship.  It was a testament to his willingness and readiness to marry me.  It was his commitment to be with me for the rest of his life, through good and bad times, for better or for worse.  He trusted that my acceptance of the ring was my own promise to the same commitment of marriage.

His words moved me, and remained in my heart.  At that point, all my doubts ran away.  And I knew I would forever stay.  Til death do us part.

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