Once upon a time, a boy and a girl met and fell in love.  But youth and passion burned their hearts and they went their separate ways.  Despite the distance, the embers remained, twitching and sparkling until the fire returned.  This time, the warmth strengthened their love and commitment – enough to take the road to forever and ever.  This is their story towards happily ever after. 


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  1. Hi!

    I had a great time reading your storybook.
    very informative, really helpful!
    Im almost tempted to move my wedding date next year just so I can check your review before I book my own suppliers. haha!

    Question though, what’s your rant kay Pat Dy? 🙂

    Thanks again.. will bookmark your blog.


  2. Hi SveaJR!

    Yay! I have a comment! Haha! Thanks for the kind words – and for bookmarking us too! It’s so exciting to discover that someone is actually reading our blog.

    Pat Dy is awesome. His name is present in most weddings of the who’s who in the alta de ciudad.

    We don’t really have a substantial “rant” on Pat Dy (in terms of talent), except that his fee is simply way beyond our price range. Of course, that’s supposedly the value he gives his work and we’re not contesting that because his photos alone can speak for his talent.

    I was only able to speak with Cynthia from his office and she was the one who gave me the packages, so I can’t say how nice he actually is.

    As I mentioned in one of our posts, we really wanted Dino Lara even at the onset. And we had the “click factor” with him, which is why we chose him.

    As for Pat Dy, if you decide to get him, like I said, how can you go wrong? 😉

  3. hey!

    really appreciate putting us up in the list and thanks so much for the nice things you have to say. wish you all the best and you hit the jackpot there with sir dino 😉

    P.S. are your names really suppose to be not here? or I just missed it? =P hahaha… in any case, i opted not to type it instead so i dont get to be the spoiler. hahaha.

    congratulations 😉


  4. Hi! Wow, this is the first time I actually enjoyed reading wedding blogs. You are such a gifted writer. Thank you for sharing your experiences… it reminds me how fun wedding planning can be.

    I’m a huge Dino fan too. He’ll be our photographer in our wedding on January 3rd. 😉

    Congratulations and awesome job on your website.

    Rainier & Christine
    01 03 09

  5. Hi Christine!

    Hey, a fellow Dino-Lara-alumni-to-be! Thanks so much for visiting our site, and for the heart-warming words!
    Hope our site was able to help you out in some way – at the very least, provide short-term entertainment. Haha!
    Hope you drop by again soon. Best wishes to you guys! Cheers!

  6. Hello,

    Thanks for the kind words you left in my blog. Grabe. Your blog is awesome! Mine is nothing compared to yours. Seriously.

    Anyway, ahrg! I am a Josiah’s bride. Oh well, i hope not to experience your ‘experience’ with them. Wish me gooodluck. 🙂


    Oh, another thing, am really impressed with your storybook. Bookmarked!

  7. dear,

    me again. hahaha. niiiice. :p yay! :laugh:

    will be a frequent visitor. 😉


  8. hi sis…thanks for dropping by our site.. the theme? well sana hindi hanggang sa website lang haha! hard to manage it to the last detail. =) enjoy your preps! ciao.


  9. dear,

    huhuhu. yep. happy naman ako pero hay naku, looong story…

    thanks,thanks sa support!


  10. dear,

    love number 8! 🙂

    galing, galing naman! 😀


  11. hiya! i cant resist but to tell you that you’re one of the most brilliant bloggers i’ve come across! i immensely enjoyed reading your blogs… keep it up and continue to be an inspiration! =) cheers!

  12. Hi Rice!

    Oh my gosh! You left such a wonderful comment on our blog. 🙂 I’m so touched. Thank you! Readers like you inspire me! 🙂

    Hope you never tire visiting! Cheers!

  13. My dear!

    Wack-wack is really nice. Good choice. We had our Christmas Party there back in 2005, I think and nice sya talaga. Good choice. 🙂 Yay, growing guests, huh? Same here. Goodluck to us.

    Hey, I sooo wanted to hire threelogy but they are no longer available for my wedding eh. i envy you. 😀

    Good post, as usual. Idol. 😀


  14. Did I just mention, “good choice” twice? dang.
    Haha. Laboooo.


  15. Sieggy!

    Thanks for the comments! 🙂 We’re not sure about Wack-Wack yet, but it’s definitely a venue we’re considering.

    Btw, I don’t think you mentioned “good choice” twice. Hahahaha! 🙂


  16. my dear,

    i am now a threelogy bride. haha. loving it to bits.

    hey, check out my blog. you have missed too many posts already.


  17. Hi Sieggy!

    Yay! Threelogy rules! 🙂

    Believe it or not, I am updated on your blog! I check in every now and then. I’m just not able to post a message. 🙂

    Love the coach bag! I am normally only “coached” by my fiance and no one else! Hahahaha!

    Ohhh, and I sooo adore your invites! Very classy!

    Thanks for dropping by the site! 🙂 Mwah!!!!

  18. Hi Anj,

    I really miss your post sa w@w kaya eto i try to visit your site. I had so much fun reading your site its very informative. Our wedsite is a work in progress and I just decided to have one last week lang.hahahaha. I wish I could be as organize as you girl

    Enjoy the preps..Hope we can meet di ba with our fellow 10-10-10 b2b.


  19. Hi,

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    If you haven’t had your invitations printed yet, you can try Village Project ( 33 Maginhawa St. , UP Village.4334482. http://vprojekt.multiply.com)

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    I must say that your blog definitely provides useful information for brides, especially for those who have no idea where to start!Keep up the good work.I’m sure it doesn’t seem like work anyway.

  20. hi! wow your blog is very informative =) is there any chance you’ll be selling metro weddings magazines you had when you went to the bridal fair? I’m planning for my wedding in the philippines and having a difficult time looking for good suppliers =( and what sucks more is i couldnt find somebody who sells these magazines online (overseas). So if you’re interested let me know please. Thanks!

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