Chapter Twenty-Six: Ten-Ten-Te-Ten!

25 July 2008 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Insights, Wedding Date | 2 Comments
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[She Writes]

The milestones of our relationship happened either in January or December: We met on January 28 (2001).  We officially became a couple on December 16 (2004).  We got engaged on December 23 (2007).

It was then natural that we choose a wedding date that would fall within these months.  And we did.

We set our altar date for December 30 (2009), making our December milestones each a week apart: December 16 – December 23 – December 30. It would have been perfect.

But like almost everything else in life, nothing is ever perfect.  Due to circumtances beyond our control, we had to change our perfect date.  It was difficult, particularly for me since I had grown so attached to it.  But I knew I had to be practical.  I had to face reality.  I had to let it go.

After a short state of denial, I was finally able to venture onto the state of acceptance.  It definitely couldn’t be in 2009, so it had to be in 2010.  But January was clearly too early.  While December would be too late. 

We wanted our new date to be as perfect as the date we let go of.  We considered June for 06.08.10 and August for 08.09.10.  But the choice was clear: what could be more perfect than 10.10.10?

Already, the date has brought meaning to our lives: We learned to adapt quickly to life’s unpredictability; to openly communicate and reach a harmonious compromise; to let go and embrace fresh possibilities; and to realize that perfection is a state of mind. 

I love our new date now – so much so that I can already hear the bridal march: Ten-Ten-Te-Ten.


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  1. Great date! Happy wedding preps, Jr and Anj!

  2. We have also chosen the wedding date of 10-10-10 – in binary 101010 is 42 – which is the answer to the universe 🙂

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